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LAKHS of people
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We understand the challenges of a political leader who needs to deliver real solutions for millions of voters.
It’s easier to solve problems by starting conversations with the people who elected you to lead. Because the best way to know about issues is by engaging with a voter first!

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What we offer

Voter First is India’s first 3600 voter engagement platform.
Stay connected with your constituency - in realtime, from anywhere!

One platform
All voters
Voter issue reporting
& resolution
Voter appointment scheduler
Automated voter database generation
Conduct opinion polls for public inputs
Encourage voter participation
Broadcast your achievements
Let followers become volunteers
Unify your digital presence
Public helplines and utilities
Engage voters in their own language
Edit application in realtime
Voter First is an innovative platform where politicians meet the people using an interactive smartphone app and an easy to access cloud contact centre.

How it works

Voter First lets you engage your people where they spend most of their
time - in phones. It offers a complete process for voter issue resolution which includes reporting, notifying and resolving.
Voters can download your personalized application from iOS or Android app stores. After a quick Sign Up, users will be able to report issues faced in their constituency.
Once a problem has been successfully raised, users will be able to conveniently check the status of their issues in the application.
The leader receives all the raised complaints and after filtering, they are sent for speedy resolutions to respective departments.
Bring your entire political presence to your voter’s mobile. Deliver your promises to the people through m-Governance.

What you gain

Take the next leap towards digital India. Deliver better and transparent governance through technology.
India has the world’s 3rd largest smartphone user population. Are you doing enough to interact with them?

Handpick a Package

Choose your Voter First platform that best serves your political goals. Create your next political success story with innovative voter engagement.
Make your political presence felt across all smartphone users in your constituency. Share your views, images and videos with this emerging group of voters.
Spread your political message and take the views of voters on various subjects. Deliver the first medium of participation in your constituency.
Enter into ice-breaking conversations with voters and address their issues. Build trust and re-invent your political interaction using an innovative platform.
Leave no voter behind. A smartphone app and a contact centre to record and resolve issues faced by your voters. Engage with your people from anywhere!
Move a step ahead of mobile engagement. A unified platform to reach across all social barriers and make the benefits of political interaction available to all voters.
Get connected straight to the source of all votes – The people.


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